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Optimize Your Workforce: Provide Better Patient Care Through Healthcare Workforce Management
85% of healthcare executives list workforce management as a top priority. After all, we’re managing the most expensive workforce in the world. And this means so much more than just achieving operational excellence. It means gaining the ability to optimize your capacity to provide care. It means visibility into critical workforce data to inform strategic decision-making. It means taking the guesswork out of questions like: “Do we have optimized coverage to meet patient demand?” or “Are we fully utilizing our exam rooms to care for more patients?” and “Are our providers meeting contractual obligations?” so that you can make better decisions that influence quality of care, provider satisfaction, ROI, and more.

In this webinar series, join QGenda’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rich Miller, as he dives into each key piece of the healthcare workforce management puzzle alongside healthcare leaders and other QGenda experts. You’ll gain actionable insights and strategies to get you on the right path to truly optimize your healthcare workforce so you can improve patient care and access. What’s better than that?

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